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McClellan Park TMA,

Let's Ride Together

McClellan Park TMA and Commute with Enterprise


McClellan Park TMA and Commute with Enterprise have partnered to provide vanpool options to commuters working in McClellan Business Park. This partnership continues McClellan Park TMA’s commitment to provide innovative and sustainable shared mobility options to residents and employees traveling in or out of the service area from surrounding counties.

How Does Commute With Enterprise Work?

We connect employees who live near each other and provide them with a recent-model van or SUV. Riders commute together, saving money and freeing up time to relax or catch up on work. It’s an easy way to start and end the day in a better mindset.


Commute With Us To Enjoy These Benefits

  • Available for commuters who work in McClellan Business Park.
  • $65 will be provided monthly per rider to reduce their cost.
  • Less wear and tear on your personal vehicle or an option for those without reliable transportation.
  • Month-to-month flexibility.
  • Increased job accessibility.
  • Maintenance,  vehicle liability coverage, roadside assistance and emergency ride home are included.