Share A Ride To Work & Enjoy Your Commute

How Does Commute With Enterprise Work?

Share a ride to work with coworkers who live nearby. We’ll provide a recent-model SUV, crossover or van. Everyone splits the costs and driving duties, saving you valuable time and money.


See A Smarter Commute At Work

Enter the number of employees at your company to see how riding together can positively impact your business.

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pounds of carbon emissions reduced annually

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Enjoy the Ride And The Savings

Enter the number of miles to calculate your commute savings.

Your round trip commute in miles

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fewer miles of annual wear and tear on your vehicle

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Commute Time is Your Time

The average national commute time = 55 minutes roundtrip.1

When you Commute with Enterprise, you get that hour of drive time back as “me” time. Time you can build into your workday, and be more present when you get home. Or time to relax, catching up on a book or podcast. You can even use your commute to catch up or collaborate with your coworkers.

1. According to the 2019 U.S. Census Bureau

Pledge to Keep it Clean

It's your Commute, and your rules. Set up a plan with your fellow riders to share the responsibility of daily vehicle cleaning. We'll help by providing new Commutes a Complete Clean Starter Kit. For added confidence, we’re also offering vehicle disinfection services through our partnership with Spiffy. (Check site for special rates and availability.)




Save More With Available Benefits

If you’re a federal employee, you can get up to $300 a month in transit benefits. Even if you’re not a federal employee, there are many local and company subsidies that can help substantially lower the cost of your commute.

What If Your Day Takes An Unexpected Turn? 

We’ve got your back with the Guaranteed Ride Home Program. If there’s an emergency, we’ll help you coordinate a ride home.


Reduce Your Taxable Dollars

Because Commute with Enterprise is a more eco-efficient form of public transit, you may be able to pay for your ride with pre-tax income through IRS Code 132(f). That saves you in taxes and lowers the cost of your Commute.