Commuter Benefit for Your Employees

Create a Win Win

Your employees need benefits beyond salary. You want to attract and keep the best talent. A commuter benefit can help provide these additional benefits.


How Commuting to Work Impacts Employees


Extending the workday by almost an hour*, it’s no surprise the commute can add stress and frustration to the workday.

However, as the traditional work routine has shifted over the past 18+ months, hidden benefits of the commute have become apparent.

A Microsoft study found that one-third of remote workers are feeling a lack of separation between work and life.

Commuting can help employees maintain healthy work-life boundaries by giving employees time to ramp up for work and wind down.

When your employees return to the office, take advantage of this new reality with a program that can help emphasize the positive benefits of commuting. 


*The average commute was 55 minutes roundtrip in 2019.


We Turn the "Commute to Work" Into a Perk 

Offer your employees a way to get to work that can help them eliminate stress, reduce out-of-pocket spend and put them in a better – and more productive – state of mind. Commute with Enterprise offers companies a turnkey employee commuting solution with:

  • Cost savings – $6,000 annually on average* (includes savings on fuel, parking, tolls, maintenance, wear and tear on your personal vehicle)
  • Recent-model SUV, crossover or van with amenities
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive vehicle maintenance and insurance

*Estimates based on 2022 Commute with Enterprise reporting and 2022 AAA costs associated with operating a vehicle including fuel, maintenance, and depreciation. Show me the Math.


As human resource professionals focus on creating benefits packages to support employee retention and recruitment efforts, they often overlook an important aspect of the work experience: the daily commute.

The commute significantly impacts job satisfaction, and it’s an important factor in the job search. 



How the Program