Commuter Benefit for Your Employees

Create a Win Win

Your employees want benefits beyond salary. You want to attract and keep the best talent. A commuter benefit can help with both.


How Commuting to Work Impacts Employees

This is a real challenge for today’s employers. But Commute with Enterprise can help flip the story – and turn the commute into a valuable employee benefit. With 80% picking benefits over a pay raise, this is a solution with real pay-back opportunity. Plus, you can offer it at zero-to-no cost.



We Turn the "Commute to Work" Into a Perk 

Offer your employees a way to get to work that eliminates stress, reduces out-of-pocket spend and puts them in a better – and more productive – state-of-mind. Commute with Enterprise offers companies a turnkey employee commuting solution with:

  • Significant cost savings – $6,000 annually on average (includes savings on fuel, parking, tolls, maintenance, wear and tear on your personal vehicle)
  • Recent-model SUV, crossover or van with amenities, like WiFi  
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive vehicle maintenance and insurance



How the Program Works