Commuter Benefit for Your Employees

Create a Win Win

Your employees need benefits beyond salary. You want to attract and keep the best talent. A commuter benefit can help provide these additional benefits.


How Commuting to Work Impacts Employees


Extending the workday by almost an hour*, it’s no surprise the commute can add stress and frustration to the workday.

However, as the traditional work routine has shifted over the past 18+ months, hidden benefits of the commute have become apparent.

A Microsoft study found that one-third of remote workers are feeling a lack of separation between work and life.

Commuting can help employees maintain healthy work-life boundaries by giving employees time to ramp up for work and wind down.

When your employees return to the office, take advantage of this new reality with a program that can help emphasize the positive benefits of commuting. 


*The average commute was 55 minutes roundtrip in 2019.


We Turn the "Commute to Work" Into a Perk 

Offer your employees a way to get to work that can help them eliminate stress, reduce out-of-pocket spend and put them in a better – and more productive – state of mind. Commute with Enterprise offers companies a turnkey employee commuting solution with:

  • Cost savings – $6,000 annually on average* (includes savings on fuel, parking, tolls, maintenance, wear and tear on your personal vehicle)
  • Recent-model SUV, crossover or van with amenities
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive vehicle maintenance and insurance

*All stats and figures according to 2020 Enterprise reporting and 2020 AAA costs associated with owning & operating a vehicle including fuel, maintenance, and depreciation.




How the Program