Commute Savings

The Real Value of Affordable Rides

Affordable Rides Matter More Than Ever

The average commuter in the U.S. spends $8,466 and about 19% of their annual income on their commute every year.1 Expensive rides create a barrier to work, but Commute with Enterprise can help.

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Shared Fuel Savings

Splitting the cost of gas among 5 or more riders makes a big difference!


Reduced Cost of Vehicle Ownership

Inflation and inventory shortages have increased the cost to own and maintain a personal vehicle. By riding with Enterprise, employees put less wear and tear on their own vehicles.


Enterprise Handles the Maintenance 

When you ride with Commute, maintenance and repairs are covered. That means reliable, uninterrupted vanpooling with no sticker shock from repair costs or vehicle downtime.

1.  https://listwithclever.com/research/best-and-worst-cities-for-commmuters-2022/#ranked
2. Fuel Savings: Estimates based on 2023 Commute with Enterprise reporting and 2023 AAA fuel costs report. 
3. Estimates based on 2022 Commute with Enterprise reporting and 2022 AAA costs associated with operating a vehicle including fuel, maintenance, and depreciation. Show me the Math.

Business Benefits of a More Affordable Commute

Commute with Enterprise provides an affordable ride to employees, but the perks add up for your business, too.


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