Vanpool Code of Conduct

Each vanpool participant agrees to abide by the following Vanpool Code of Contract, which is incorporated by reference into each participant’s Commute with Enterprise Participant Agreement. Any vanpool participant who fails to comply with the following Code of Conduct may be removed from their vanpool and/or the program.

Vanpool Rules:

  • Riders must comply with reasonable requests from the driver to help ensure the safe operation of the vanpool in transit.
  • Riders running late - Unless the driver is notified and vanpool agrees due to the conditions of that day, the maximum wait after scheduled departure time for the van at any stop/load point is 5 minutes
  • Riders must wear seatbelts at all times during the operation of the vehicle.
  • Good personal hygiene is to be maintained by each passenger as a courtesy to the entire Vanpool (this includes using colognes/perfumes in reasonable amounts only).
  • Volume level and choice of radio station for the stereo system will be decided upon by the vanpool group as a whole, personal devices must be used with earphones or other personal listening capabilities.
  • Smoking, Vaping and Alcohol use in the van is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances.
  • Be courteous and respectful to other riders.
  • Please notify Drivers or other vanpool riders if you are not going to ride as expected on any given day.
  • Drivers are expected to leave the van with enough fuel for the next day’s commute.
  • When utility miles are allowed in a vanpool, Drivers using the van for personal use are expected to replace the fuel used at their own expense
  • All personal conflicts should be attempted to be resolved amicably within the group through the vanpool Coordinator before escalating to Commute with Enterprise.

Fuel Card Use

  • Drivers must use their own PIN when making purchases and not share their PIN with others
  • When fueling, Drivers must input the correct Odometer reading at the pump
  • Fuel Card is for use with the assigned van only. It cannot be used to fuel other vanpools or personal vehicles.
  • Fuel card is strictly for at-pump purchases only unless required by the Fueling Station. Car washes can be purchased when available at the pump. All other purchases using the fuel card are strictly prohibited and will result in cancelation.