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Looking for a new way to commute through Chicagoland? Commute with Enterprise is teaming up with local businesses in Chicago to help their employees vanpool together. By sharing a commute, you’re contributing to a healthier community for everyone. Learn more about our options for companies and commuters.


Commute with Enterprise Is in Your Area

People in Chicago are already onboard. You can bring Commute with Enterprise to your business, form a new vanpool, or get connected to a current vanpool in Chicago.

What’s the average commute time in Chicago?

A 2022 report from the transportation analytics company INRIX shows that the average Chicago-area driver spent 155 hours1 in traffic last year—more than any other city in North America and second amongst the entire world. Business website Chamber of Commerce studied the consequences, calculating that Chicago commuters lose more than $8,0002 in wages due to time consumed by traffic.


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Get connected. We help pair up riders who live near each other. 


Improve traffic by sharing a ride and reducing the number of cars on the road.


Be an eco-warrior for Chicago. Each vehicle off the road saves up to 10K lbs. of carbon emissions annually.*


Save money. You'll split the cost of your ride and Chicago may offer rider subsidies.

*According to the EPA Greenhouse Equivalencies Calculator

In Chicago, We’re Always By Your Side

You’ll have access to preventative maintenance through local partners and approved vendors with 24/7 roadside assistance when you need it. 

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