Commuter Service in Salem, OR

Commute with Enterprise is teaming up with local businesses in Salem to help people ride together. By sharing a commute, you’re contributing to a healthier community for everyone. Learn more about our options for companies and commuters.


Commute with Enterprise Is in Your Area

People in Salem are already onboard. You can bring commute with enterprise to your business, form a new pool or get connected to a current pool.


Get connected. We help pair up riders who live near each other. 


Improve traffic by sharing a ride and reducing the number of cars on the road.


Be an eco-warrior for Salem. Each new Commute saves up to 12,500 lbs. of carbon emissions annually.*


Save money. You'll split the cost of your ride and Salem may offer rider subsidies.

*According to 2018 Enterprise reporting, 2018 Reuters and EPA Data.

In Salem, We’re Always By Your Side

You’ll have access to preventative maintenance through local partners and approved vendors with 24/7 roadside assistance when you need it. 

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